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Finding Incredible Local Restaurants

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Four Ways To Make Your Pizza Delivery Service Stand Out

Your pizza delivery service doesn't have to be boring. With a little creativity, you can make each delivery one that your customers look forward to. This can help to make your restaurant the popular choice for pizza delivery in your area. Here are just a few ideas you can use to boost your business and make your pizza delivery service stand out.

Get Dressed Up

Instead of opting for uniforms for your delivery people, consider fun outfits your staff can wear to create a buzz about your delivery. On game days during football season, have your drivers wear your local team's football jersey. If your restaurant is located in a college town, you can do the same thing for each college game. On nights of movie or music award shows being televised, consider a tuxedo jacket and dress shirt. Getting a bit creative with your delivery outfits can give customers something to look forward to when your delivery drivers ring the doorbell.

Give Out Samples

Do you have a new menu item, such as flavored bread sticks or a sweet dessert? Consider adding sample-sized portions of new menu items to each delivery. This gives people a chance to try your new menu items, and if they like what they try, they might be persuaded to order the full-size version the next time they buy a pizza from you.

Offer Kid-Friendly Promotions

While many fast food restaurants offer kids meals with toys or treats, the same isn't always true for pizza delivery. Include a space on your online ordering form where customers can indicate if part of the order is for a child. You can then add a small toy or other kid-friendly giveaway item to the order. This small gesture can help to influence a parent's decision to order with you, and it shows that you care about customers of all ages. If you don't want to hand out toys, you can opt for handing out a healthy treat, such as fresh fruit or juice boxes.

Include Table Setting Options

When someone decides to order pizza, it may simply be because the customer does not feel like making dinner that night. This might also mean the customer doesn't want to do dishes either. Consider offering the option of place settings for each order to help create a full-service delivery option. You can offer a basic place setting option that includes plastic silverware and napkins, or you can offer a deluxe option that includes a plastic pizza server and plates in addition to the napkins and silverware.

Getting creative with your pizza delivery service can help to make your business stand out from the competition. Use these ideas as inspiration and find the right moves to fit your customer needs and your business model.

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