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Finding Incredible Local Restaurants

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Creative Tips For Making Your Restaurant's Happy Hour Even Happier

Happy hour is a big incentive for getting customers to visit your restaurant because they often plan outings around happy hour and invite their friends. However, too often every happy hour looks the same, which does not give your establishment an upper hand. With a little creativity, you can make your happy hour even happier and grab the attention of potential customers. 

Make your happy hour time unique

Research the bars and restaurants in your local community to determine the most common happy hour times in your area. Scheduling your happy hour at a different time is a great way to get new customers. Happy hour is also a good way to draw in customers when your restaurant is less busy, which can vary greatly among restaurants.

Offer other drink options

Never limit happy hour to alcoholic drinks only. You should always offer non-alcoholic beverages as a happy hour option. This will give you a larger customer base and is good for happy hours that fall during workday hours or over the lunch hour. 

If you are a family-friendly restaurant, offering kid's drinks at a reduced price will make happy hour fun for everyone. Creating kid-friendly beverages with fun names is sure to delight the kids and make them feel grown up.

Focus on food, not only drinks

While people typically expect happy hour to mean cheap drinks, hosting a food happy hour is another fun way to draw in guests and it makes it easier to plan happy hour for any time of the day. For instance, offer a happy hour in the morning for certain breakfast food items, such as pancakes, etc. You could also serve free coffee to your guests one hour a week for a fun happy hour event.

Take advantage of social media

One of the fun ways to make your happy hour unique is to not have regular happy hours each week but do special flash promotions randomly on social media. Not only will this keep customers coming back to your page to check for happy hour specials, but it also allows you to mix things up. You can switch up your happy hour, promote new menu items, or offer food and drinks to celebrate local sports team wins, etc.

Who can pass up a great deal on drinks and food? From discounted drinks to great food, happy hour is a popular time for guests and returning customers to visit your restaurant. Spicing up your happy hour with new incentives will take your restaurant to a new level and keep customers coming back.

Visit a local restaurant, such as Down The Hatch Maui, to learn more about happy hour.