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Why You Should Forego The Dessert At Your Wedding Reception And Focus On The Cake

If you're planning a wedding, your probably choosing your dress, the venue, the colors and of course the food! Trends in weddings offer so many different options that you could easily confuse your lifelong dream of what you think the perfect wedding is with what the experts tell you to do. However, when it comes to the food, here are some very good reasons to stick to appetizers and the main course, but ditch the dessert, and use a portion of the banquet hall for a memorable cake-cutting event.

It Saves You Money

One of the most practical reasons to forego dessert at your wedding is that it reduces the cost. Most caterers have a significant price difference per guest when you drop from three courses to two.

This slight alteration to your menu could result in saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the size of your reception. You're spending a great deal of time and money choosing the cake, so why add to the budget with a separate dessert?

People Will Eat the Cake

Sometimes providing a dessert is unnecessary. Many guests get full on a three-course meal and end up not eating the wedding cake. This wastes your money and keeps your guests from enjoying your iconic and special wedding cake. You may be saddened to see a lot cake left on the cake table, or slices with only small bites, if any at all, on the guests' tables. So, leave room in your guests' bellies for the cake by not offering a separate dessert.

The Cake Becomes More of a Big Deal

Weddings are meaningful and wedding cakes are an important part of the day. You have probably gone through a lengthy selection process determining the design, size, and flavors of your wedding cake. Adding a dessert course into your reception menu can sometimes steal the attention and meaning away from the cake. 

Without a dessert, the cake becomes the much awaited-for treat. People also anticipate the pomp and circumstance of the cake-cutting event and look forward to enjoying the sweet delight that it provides.

Now that you know why you should skip serving dessert at your wedding reception, you can spend that money that you save on other wedding-related items, or even the honeymoon. Additionally, you can spend more time with your guests because they'll hang out longer waiting for the main event of the cake cutting to take place, since they aren't so full that they need to skip out early. Ask your banquet hall associate, like those at Lucarelli's Banquet Center, about how to make the cake presentation memorable in lieu of offering a separate dessert.