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Finding Incredible Local Restaurants

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Having A Private Party For Your Company? Use These Tips To Make It Great

Using a private dining room at a popular local restaurant can be a great way to host a private party for your company. However, there is still work to do so that your event is memorable and enjoyable. Use these tips so that your private party is a great one.

Have a Menu with Variety

It's not enough to choose a fantastic restaurant for your party; you need to ensure that everyone attending will be able to have something delicious. As part of the RSVP process, it's a good idea to ask about any special diet considerations that people may have. For instance, some people may eat a gluten-free diet and other might be vegetarians.

Once you're aware of the kinds of diets you need to accommodate at your party, have a discussion with the restaurant manager about the menu that will be served in the private dining room. The manager should be able to offer you a wide variety of foods so that everyone can eat something during the party.

Use Placards

Instead of letting your guests mill about and wonder where to sit, it may be better to place placards at each setting so that they know where they should be seated. Using placards can also help you to acquaint people who don't know each other very well; instead of sitting near people they already know, assigned seating might encourage interaction that can lead to new relationships.

Encourage Guests to Move Around

If you are having your event during the week, remember that many people are attending after a long day of work where they were likely sitting down. Encouraging them to get up and move around can inject some fresh energy into the party and give them time to interact with others who aren't seated nearby. 

You can encourage your guests to move around by having a buffet-style dinner, or you might ask the restaurant for a dessert station. You might also ask restaurant staff about whether a small cash bar will be available in your private dining room.

Give Keepsakes

One way to ensure that your guests remember the event is to offer them keepsakes when the night is over. Whether you provide them with a mug, gift card or small gift bag, giving people to take something home will allow them to remember the occasion fondly even after it is over.

With these suggestions, your party can run smoothly. Talk with the staff at the restaurant for more ideas about how you can make your private dining party an enjoyable one. Click here.