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Finding Incredible Local Restaurants

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Tips For Eating Healthy At A Sandwich Shop

Are you trying to figure out how to eat healthier when dining at sandwich shops? If you dine at restaurants like Flancers that are in the business of making customized sandwiches, there are a few commonly sold healthy choices that you can opt for. Take a look at this article to discover a few tips for choosing healthy sandwich ingredients when dining out.

Make Sure the Bread is Whole Grain Wheat

Opting for whole grain wheat bread comes with numerous benefits that you can enjoy. One of the benefits is that will consume a lot of fiber. You will notice that the fiber leads to you feeling full after eating for a longer period of time, which is great for keeping weight under control. Basically, you will feel full longer due to fiber taking a long time to digest. Consuming a sufficient amount of fiber is also a great way to lower blood sugar levels in your body.

Opt for Turkey as the Meat

When choosing a meat for your sandwich, turkey is the ideal choice because it is packed with protein. If you don't take in enough protein in your diet, it can lead to you having a low level of energy. The niacin in turkey can lower your LDL cholesterol levels, which is considered bad cholesterol. However, niacin can increase HDL cholesterol levels, which is good for your health. Another benefit of consuming turkey is that it contains selenium, which is great for keeping your immune system in good shape.

Pile On the Vegetables

The best way to keep a sandwich healthy is to pile on the vegetables, especially the leafy green ones. Leafy green vegetables are a healthy choice because they can lower your risk of getting heart disease because of the high level of dietary fiber. A few of the other healthy attributes of dietary fiber include:

  • Lutein
  • Folic acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Beta-carotene

You might want to opt for putting mushrooms on your sandwich because they are high in iron. An insufficient amount of iron can lead to you becoming anemic, which causes headaches and fatigue. Consuming mushrooms is ideal for preventing breast cancer because they contain anti-carcinogenic effects. The lycopene in tomatoes makes them an ideal vegetable as well because of the antioxidant content that is great for your bones. Stop by a sandwich shop and opt for food choices that will contribute to keeping you healthy.