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Appetizing Appetizers -- How To Plan A Finger Food Wedding Reception

When planning their wedding reception food, many couples find it hard to balance all the different needs: filling, tasty meals that appeal to everyone and don't weight guests down while still providing something memorable and fun. Finger foods are a good way to provide just the right food so that everyone can enjoy themselves. If you're unsure how to use finger foods at your wedding, here are 4 tips to get you started.

Light Options. Be sure to include light, or garden, foods along with other, heavier choices. Light options don't have to be boring, though. Your caterer can suggest updated variations on classic fare such as seasoned stuffed celery, vegetable shooters or hummus on toast. Try to ensure that at least two of your offerings are gluten-free or vegetarian and label them well.  

Go Mini. Many brides and grooms have preset ideas about what foods they want to eat at their wedding. If this is the case for you, you can still have the best of both worlds. Try a scaled-down version of your favorite foods. Baby tacos, slider burgers and shooter cup fries or even truffled mac-n-cheese pops can all give your guests the taste of your desired food without the added cost or heaviness. 

Presentation. If you're a little hesitant to only offer finger foods because you worry that it will make your wedding seem less formal or stylish, focus on the presentation of the food. There are plenty of fun, unique or beautiful presentation formats to choose from. You could design stations featuring different types of foods along with a catering professional to help plate them and provide wine pairing suggestions. Hang small round terrariums at an angle above the table and fill them with the appetizers. Or make use of unique serving dishes like martini glasses, votives, waffle cones or bread bowls.     

Have Fun. Finger food receptions offer a unique opportunity to have fun with your food and express your personality. Look at it as a way to add individuality to your reception. Having a morning wedding? Try cinnamon oatmeal shooters. Want to help your guest find their inner child? Milk and cookie shooters could do just the trick. Winter wedding? Try offering a special coffee dessert bar to keep guest warm and awake. Work with your caterer to find ways to match the food with your own mood and style.

By thinking outside the box when planning your finger foods or appetizers and their presentation, you can create a memorable and delicious meal for everyone at your wedding. Contact a local caterer, such as The Great Wall Restaurant, for further assistance.