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4 Types Of Dietary Pizzas Ideal For A Child's Birthday Party

In today's society, it's important to be aware of food allergies and dietary restrictions that children have. When hosting a birthday party for your child, you want to supply meals that everyone can enjoy without feeling like anyone is left out. Pizza is a great way to offer multiple meal options. Along with ordering traditional pizza, there are four types of dietary pizzas that you can order for the party. These extra pizzas will get every child the option of enjoying delicious food.

Gluten-Free Pizza

One of the more common dietary pizzas found at restaurants is a gluten-free pizza. These pizzas use a special type of dough that doesn't have gluten in it. This type of pizza is ideal for children who have gluten intolerance or have a restricted diet. With a simple crust swap, you can still order multiple toppings and enjoy traditional varieties of pizza.

Dairy-Free Pizza

Some children attending your party may be lactose intolerant. This means that they cannot consume dairy products. A dairy-free pizza will eliminate the cheese and offer crust, sauce, and a variety of toppings. Your local pizza restaurant may also offer a dairy-free cheese alternative that you can inquire about when ordering the pizza.

Sauce-Free Pizza

Tomato sauce is a traditional pizza staple, but the acid in the sauce may cause reactions in children that are allergic to it. By ordering a white pizza, you can give the children a pizza option that includes crust and cheese. In some cases, you may even order an alternate sauce. For example, an Alfredo pizza replaces the tomato sauce with a creamy Alfredo sauce. A basic oil and garlic sauce may also be used on the pizza to prevent it from drying up too much.

Mixed Pizzas

In some cases, children attending the party may have multiple allergies. For example, a child may have a gluten intolerance and a lactose intolerance. In these cases, you can order mixed pizza options. In this example, the pizza you would order would include a gluten-free crust and no cheese on the top. When you're sending out party invitations, you can include a space for parents to include any food allergies that their children have. This will help you plan out the exact types of pizzas that you need to order. In most cases, a small dietary pizza will have enough slices to accommodate the needs for all of the children with allergies.

By planning ahead, you can ensure that everyone's dietary restrictions are met and no one feels left out when enjoying the party. To  learn more, contact a restaurant like The Turtle Club