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Finding Incredible Local Restaurants

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3 Ways You Can Make Your Event Room More Inviting At Your Restaurant

When you own a restaurant, having a large room set aside for parties, business meetings, and private gatherings is a great way to improve profits and create customer satisfaction. If you have a large area already set aside as an event room (such as one from The Cedar Door), then you may be wondering about how you can make the space more inviting for your guests. Here are 3 things you can do to make your private dining area a winner with all your guests. 

Install different flooring

If you put a different style of flooring in your event space that contrasts with the rest of the restaurant, you can immediately make the location stand out and be easier to find for your guests in your restaurant. Since event areas often see high traffic from large groups, you want to choose flooring that is patterned (consider floral prints or even striped carpeting) to help mask worn spots and eventual stains. Choose carpeting that has short fibers for easier cleaning.

Consider French doors

French doors leading to your large gathering area give the space a richer feel, which can make customers feel like they are getting special treatment. Since both doors open wide, this allows more space to let in many guests at once. The doors can be shut to provide a private appeal guests can appreciate, especially for birthday parties or private meetings. Choose French door styles that are a solid wood for privacy to create a more intimate feeling for your guests.

Install television sets

Even if you don't have televisions in the rest of your restaurant, you should have one mounted in your event area. This way, guests can bring in equipment they can hook up to the TV to watch home videos, view family photos, or even show important training videos for business meetings. This makes the event room similar to a conference room without having to add other amenities, such as a microphone, projector screen, or other equipment.

You want the space you have reserved for large groups in your restaurant to stand out in both style and comfort. There are simple ways you can achieve these goals, from upgrading carpeting in the area to make it stand out to offering the use of a television mounted on the wall. Take a walk-through of your current large dining space and see what improvements could be made to make the space more inviting for all your large gatherings of patrons.