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Grandparent Has a Decreased Sense of Smell and Taste? Types of Pizza And Sandwiches They May Like

Sometimes people lose their sense of smell and taste when they get older. Because your grandparent is like this, they may be having a hard time with food. Not being able to smell or taste food very well can make it hard for them to enjoy food. This could also be dangerous, as they may not want to eat at all. To help your grandparent, check out these types of pizza and sandwiches they may enjoy.

Types of Pizza

Pizza can have a lot of taste and smell. If you order pizza for your grandparent, the pizza restaurant will likely add herbs such as basil, dried oregano, dried rosemary, and minced onion flakes to increase the taste of the pizza if you request this. Your grandparent will enjoy pizza like this much better than normal pizza, not only as it will be much tastier but also as they might be able to smell the pizza.

You can also make your grandparent a pizza at their home. Look online for different recipes. You can find types of pizza that are much different than traditional pizza. For example, there are pizzas with fruit added, such as pineapple, which will add a lot of taste. There are also types of pizza that have ricotta cheese instead of the standard cheese, and a pizza could have mustard or red peppers.

Types of Sandwiches

There are many different types of sandwiches that have a lot of flavor. When you order your grandparent a pizza, ask the pizza restaurant whether they also serve sandwiches, as many of them do. You could also visit a sandwich shop. For example, if your grandparent likes turkey, they could order a turkey sandwich with an Italian-style bread. The bread itself would have a lot of taste, and you can ask the restaurant to add toppings that will beef up the flavor, such as diced onions, green peppers, and more.

You can make your own sandwiches at home to have a lot of taste. Whatever type of meat your grandparent likes, add spices such as tarragon, curry, smoked paprika, or dill. To add even more flavor, squeeze some lime or lemon over the meat. Blue cheese can be used instead of regular cheese. If your grandparent likes mayo, crush a few cloves of roasted garlic and add them to the mayo.

Look online to find a wide variety of recipes to make different types of sandwiches for your grandparent.

If your grandparent's sense of smell and taste becomes worse, they should see their doctor to make there is not something else wrong.