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Finding Incredible Local Restaurants

When my husband and I moved to a new city, we realized that we didn't have any friends or know any great local hotspots. Instead of biding away our time in our cramped little apartment, we decided to get out in the city and try some new restaurants. This simple practice helped us to develop quite a long list of great local restaurants, and we even decided to set up a blog dedicated to great eating. This website contains all kinds of articles about food, cooking, and eating, so that you can become a fun foodie like us. Check out this blog for a little fun.

The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner – 4 Tips To Knock Yours Out Of The Park

Anyone planning a wedding has a lot of jobs to do that they probably don't normally do. And how to go about this planning can be confusing or overwhelming. The tradition of the rehearsal dinner, for example, is a familiar idea, but not many people may be able to say specifically what is involved in planning one. If you're in this position, here is a handy guide to what you should do at rehearsal dinners. Read More 

Grandparent Has a Decreased Sense of Smell and Taste? Types of Pizza And Sandwiches They May Like

Sometimes people lose their sense of smell and taste when they get older. Because your grandparent is like this, they may be having a hard time with food. Not being able to smell or taste food very well can make it hard for them to enjoy food. This could also be dangerous, as they may not want to eat at all. To help your grandparent, check out these types of pizza and sandwiches they may enjoy. Read More 

Learn How To Ensure Your Restaurant’s Walk-In Refrigerator Passes An Inspection By The Health Inspector

When you own a restaurant, it is important to be able to pass an inspection by the health inspector. One of the most important areas in your restaurant is the walk-in refrigerator. The guide below walks you through a few tips for ensuring your restaurant's refrigerator always passes its inspections. Check the Thermostat Regularly Be sure to have someone check the thermostat on a regular basis and annotate its temperature readings in a notebook to ensure that you can track if it is or is not maintaining a constant temperature. Read More 

Tips On Dining At An Italian Restaurant After You Go Gluten-Free

If your first concern about being diagnosed as having celiac disease or a gluten intolerance is that you'll no longer be able to enjoy the glorious pasta dishes at your favorite Italian restaurant, this is only partly true. While you'll have to start skipping dishes that contain gluten, you can still plan on dining at the establishment — with a few changes. It's always a good idea to share your dietary concerns with your server, who can either help you make informed menu choices or ask questions in the kitchen on your behalf. Read More 

3 Ways You Can Make Your Event Room More Inviting At Your Restaurant

When you own a restaurant, having a large room set aside for parties, business meetings, and private gatherings is a great way to improve profits and create customer satisfaction. If you have a large area already set aside as an event room (such as one from The Cedar Door), then you may be wondering about how you can make the space more inviting for your guests. Here are 3 things you can do to make your private dining area a winner with all your guests. Read More